When You Have Unwanted Hair

Yes, you can use shaving, waxing, or electrolysis to remove unwanted hair but this is a losing battle. Now, doctors and day spas are touting laser hair removal as the best way to achieve hairless lips, bikini lines, legs and backs, years after the first hair removing laser was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Spending more than $1 billion annually for this treatment are the consumers and this is why it is one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures to date.

Considering laser treatment, it won’t get rid of unwanted body hair entirely but it is by far the most effective option. Numerous treatments that can end up costing thousands of dollars are required considering the best and barest results. People with certain skin types have the chance of suffering scarring and pigment changes. In this case, the procedure can lead to burns and blisters if done wrong. See this permanent hair removal sydney information for a deeper understanding.

In this case, the laser targets the melanin pigment in the hair follicle. When a laser is flashed across the skin, it essentially ignores the lighter skin surface and instead zooms into the dark follicle, beats it up and kills it, leaving the skin virtually unscathed.

It can permanently reduce much of it, about 30 to 75 percent within one year, after a series of treatments but it will not be able to zap all hair. Hair that is lighter, finer, and easier to control is often left. For a noticeable improvement, people should get at least four to six treatments over about three months. Considering that at any given time a number of body hairs are dormant or dead, lasers target only growing hair.

Considering patients with light skin and dark hair, they will benefit from laser hair removal. For lasers, they don’t work on grey hair and rarely on blonde hair. With regard to lasers, they target pigment and so they don’t work well on people with dark or tanned skin. This site teaches you about laser hair removal sydney.

The reason why doctors perform test patches is for them to see how an individual’s skin and hair responds to the treatment. A doctor who specializes in hair removal on darker skin should be consulted considering skin that tans easily and easily burns. It is possible for experienced doctors to treat darker skinned patients but hair removal usually takes longer and is often less effective in this case. If your skin is tanned, do not have hair removed.

What lasers can be is both wonderful and a dangerous thing in the wrong hands. What was happening is that they were increasingly repairing damage caused by laser hair removal about half of the dermatologists that participated in a recent survey mentioned. Offering hair removal only on certain days can be a red flag because the laser is under a rental arrangement. They will have a questionable experience if they’re renting a laser once a week. Most people say the treatment feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin. In this case, a good sign that it’s not being done properly is if it hurts more. Many doctors use cooling sprays, gels or lasers with cooling tips. The skin will clear up but the skin may be red or crusty at first. Here, a bikini line will cost about $300 to $700 per session and a man’s back will cost about $1,000 or more per treatment but some people might need eight to ten sessions.


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