Top 5 Hairstyle Faux Pas

Hairstyles are very important to each and everyone. It helps build the image we want to project to other people. That is why many people spend a lot of money getting their hair fixed and done. They hire the best hairdressers to do them a good hairstyle. Styling hair, after all, is a very challenging and daunting task that a help of an expert should really be sought. But beware because not all hairdressers are good, a hairstyle history reveals that some hair experts have spawned hairstyles that you would never wish to sport. In fairness, though, each has an interesting story to tell on how it came about.


Punk rockers are known to sport this funky sometimes shocking hairstyle. What’s more shocking is that historians discovered that about 2,000 years ago the hairstyle has already been sported. A 2,300-year-old corpse found in Ireland revealed an ancient Irish punk as it sports a certified hawk hairstyle, which was remarkably preserved, bolting hairstyle history. The corpse is reported to have used a really strong ancient gel made of mixed vegetable oil and resin.


Better known as the 1950’s hair locks, pompadour hairstyle quite made a rave among men and women of the era. Though it looks odd, hairstyle history reveals that pompadours have royal roots dating back from the reign of King Louis XV, whose mistress is reportedly to have set the pompadour hairstyle trend worn by high-society women.


If you’re fond of watching Chinese movies, then the queue hairstyle would never be new to you. It’s the shaved-in-front and ponytail-in-the-back hairstyle often sported by Chinese martial arts masters. Contrary to popular belief, the hairstyle was not popularized by the Chinese but by Mongolian invaders called the Manchus. When it conquered China in the 17th century, the Manchu conqueror overwhelmingly propagated power and control that they even dictate the hairstyle the Chinese people should have. The queue hairstyle is the most dictatorial in the hairstyle history that many long-haired Confucian Chinese, who believe that skin and hair are sacred, lost their heads to resist having that unflattering hairstyle.

Bad hair is nothing new and there have been centuries of unflattering hairstyles. When the latest hairstyle comes out that is just not cute, think back to the hairstyle blunders in history and know that this new look will certainly fade with time and perhaps have an interesting story to go along with it.


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