The Highly Fashionable Short Hairstyle

In general, people agree to the contribution of a good hair day to one’s good mood and boost of confidence. However, a lot of people are complaining, female especially, that such great hair days come so rarely. The right hairstyle, no doubt, increase chances of a benevolent hair day, thus, making life so much easier.

A well cut short hairstyle can exude sexiness, confidence, and highlight one’s best assets. There are a plethora of short hair cuts out there and with the right styling products, numerous looks can be achieved with one good haircut. A great advantage of a short haircut is how easy it is to maintain and style. One may need to visit their hairdresser more often to keep up the shape of the short haircut, but overall, it’s well worth it.

Short hairstyles have been popular since the early 20’s and will be even more popular in the years to come. There are many factors in deciding which short hairstyle is best suited for each individual. Whether one wants the pixie, bob, pageboy, shag or other short haircut, it is pertinent one takes their hair texture, personal style and shape of face into account to achieve the best look. If a women is not sure which face shape she has, she can perform research to determine whether she has a round, long, heart-shaped, square or oval face shape.

Those with oval shaped face types can pull off almost all hairstyles, especially the pixie cut or a sleek, parted look. The hair swept back will also accentuate the coveted features of an oval face. One thing a woman with an oval face should avoid is a heavy fringe as it will hide her best assets. Women with square faces should avoid fringe and center parts and instead opt for a cut that falls just below the chin to soften the appearance of her square features and give the illusion of a longer face. Hair cut shorter or even with the chin will only accentuate the shape of the face. Heart-shaped faced women should create a balance between the chin and the forehead by adding layers that shape the face and volume where needed. A straight, sleeker hair cut should be avoided as not to accentuate the jaw line.

Short hair cuts are always popular and there are always new short hairstyles to try. Once one understands the basics of face shape and its relativity to the right haircut, when paired with a good hairdresser, it is hard to wrong in selecting the perfect short haircut.


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