Straighten Your Hair At Home With The Farouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron

A large number of women find it hard to find the time to make it to salon due to hectic work schedules. The others avoid salon treatments due to the restictive costs associated with even minor styling. All of these things should not put you off fulfilling the desired style for you gorgeous tresses. When it comes to hair straightening or curling, these days, you can take matters into your own hands. Farouk, a quality fashion appliance manufacturer, can well satisfy your need with it’s elite hair styling product, the Farouk CHI 1 inch ceramic hairstyling iron. Put simply, this is the quintessential home hairstyling iron that you can put your faith in to look after your hair’s health. Period.

Coming from the famed Farouk Systems, Houston, Farouk Chi 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron is a multi-purpose hairstyling device. It expertly incorporates many hairstyling requirements such as straightening, flipping and curling. In fact, it may have eluded you that your hair dresser may also be using it. So, let’s see why this hairstyling iron is the best for your household needs.

Curling, Straightening and Gloss – An All inclusive Product

Farouk CHI ceramic flat iron (gf 1001) is an all in one product that can fulfill your hair straightening, curling, styling needs. It utilizes advance technology to rework frizzy, dull, lifeless hair into gorgeous straight, shiny hair. All harsh chemical substances have been removed from the hairstyling process.
The iron sustains optimal heat to avoid any ‘hair frying’ incidence.
Swift straightening is accomplished through top quality ceramic plates.
Besides curling, flipping and straightening, these plates also help sort unmanageable frizzy hair and add a shiny gloss over your hair.

A Technological and Design Marvel

Farouk 1 Inch Hairstyling Iron is designed ergonomically to increase ease of use. You can easily handle the iron in one hand and carefully hold the hair with other. The iron reaches its maximum heat setting rapidly. To ensure quick and safe straightening of your hear the ceramic plates are designed to keep the optimal hair-specific heat.
The advanced technology used in the production of the high-quality ceramic plates and heating variation mean this product is suitable for most hair types.
a 10 foot. long cord aids ease of use and makes sure you maintain safe distance from hot plates.
There are specific models for self sterilizing and wet hair.
The design and material of ceramic plates makes them highly durable to survive serious dropping incidents.

With so many practical features at it’s dispersal and with such a reasonably price tag the CHI 1 Inch hairstyling iron is a rare find indeed. Just imagine how much salon costs and appointment time you’ll be able to save. Add to this the amazing Farouk brand image and proven customer satisfaction track record, and you know this product is worth every single penny.

Stop going to those expensive salons and feeling like you’ve wasted your time, try the Farouk CHI 1 inch hairstyling iron today. The most advantageous part is that you don’t need to have a PHD to operate it and accomplish great results. It is time that you pamper your precious hair the way it was always meant to be. How’s that expression go? Yes indeed, your tresses do deserve it.


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