Skin Tag Removal Methods – Medical Concerns To Ponder On

Skin Tag Removal

The armpits and the neck are only two of the most common body parts where skin tags choose to manifest themselves. It is also noticeable how ladies get skin tags in their upper chests and also in the folds of their groins and butts. Skin tags can also appear in their eyelids. There is no specific age when you can get skin tags. However, it is during adulthood that they become most pronounced and prolific. From the time you hit the thirties and then well to your sixties, you can expect to be facing the risk of having skin tags. Pregnant women are also more prone to skin tags during this delicate stage, where their hormones are on a constant see-saw. Healthy people who find themselves ridded with skin tags need to acquire proper treatment for them. If you are healthy, then you could probably ignore these skin growths. Take comfort in the fact that you do not have to worry about skin tag multiplying after you have removed one or two. There are simply some people who are just more prone to frequent skin tag growths. Removing them would not cause more to take their place.

Skin tags cause no physical discomfort or pain except discomfort due to cosmetic appearance. People have these skin tags removed because they don’t look good at all. Skin tags are also removed when they suddenly become irritated and turn black or red from bleeding or hemorrhage. Sometimes, these skin tags become very snagged due to jewelry, clothing, pets, or by seat belts and cause pain and discomfort. In such condition necessary precautions should be taken by the people suffering from skin tags. Cancer is not an issue you need to be concerned with when dealing with skin tags. When these tags twisted on itself at the stalk base or interrupting the blood flow to the tag may fall off spontaneously.

For many people, the skin tags – which are generally harmless – appear when they are already middle-aged. Although skin tags need not to be treated medically but some medical treatment options are also available to remove them. Some of these medical options include freezing (using liquid nitrogen), cauterization (the process of burning), tying off the tags (with a string), or excision (cutting them off with or without administering anesthesia beforehand.

If the skin tags to be removed are relatively large, using anesthesia would be advisable since it would be safer to do so. If you have many large skin tags in one part of your body, get an anesthesia cream and apply it directly on that specific area. Dermatologists and other doctors who specialize on skin issues are often treating skin problems such as this. If the skin tags are on the eyelids, or anywhere with close proximity to the eyes, you should seek the expertise and advice of an eye doctor.

Skin tags can also be removed by some home remedies and self treatments. Blood flow to the skin tags could be restricted with just a piece of string or dental floss. The skin tag will fall off on its own. A pair of scissors would also be an effective tool in getting rid of skin tags. This kind of scissor or minor surgical procedure in the removal of skin tags causes minor bleeding. It would take time before the skin would return to its natural hue if you use freezing or cauterization to remove the skin tags.


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