Simple Tips To Use The Silk-épil X’elle Braun 5270 Epilator

The #1 selling epilator brand in the world introduces the Braun Silk Epil Xelle 5270 Body System Epilator, ideal for the person who wants to try epilation. This method removes extra hair in one single stroke than another epilators. The exclusive X’pert- épil Technology, with more and uniquely positioned tweezers, provides faster and more efficient results

Braun 5270 Epilator Features:

  • Helps you capture even single stray hairs resulting in ultimate smoothness
  • Smart start head helps make your start in epilation easy
  • Softlift system, part of the epilation system, lifts and guides the shortest and flat lying hairs to tweezers
  • 4-way moving massaging rollers stimulate skin with micro pulses before and after hair is removed to minimize pulling sensation
  • Regrowth is slower and finer, leaving your skin silky smooth for up to 4 weeks

How to start The Braun 5270 Silk-épil X’elle Body System:

1) Take a long, hot bath.

2) Shave. When you are persistent, that’s the last time you ever will.

3) Use SilkEpil on just shaved skin. Sure, there will be hardly any outcomes, but there won’t be any pain either, and your muscles will relax; it’s important to get into the habbit or interesting while epilating, decreases the pain greatly.

4) Repeat next day (except, actually, no shaving). Heck, repeat later This daytime. You will achieve the outcomes gradually while staying within your comfort zone as far as the pain goes. Take action daily until you feel in control, then gradually decrease the time interval between epilations to about a month.

5) When you begin feeling pain on one leg, switch to the other. Someway that decreases the pain.

6) Use long, fast strokes until you are relax.

7) Holding the machine so that it rotates in the direction of the hair growth helps make the process much more gentle on you and more time cosumin.

8) When you feel like stopping at any point, keep in mind the 2nd epilation will be nothing like the first; the 3rd will be a breeze.


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