Here are 4 Unique Methods For You To Do Permanent Hair Removal At Home

A good number men and women, especially women, think that beauty is healthy skin with no traces of hair. Men also want to appear clean without having to spend the time getting a shave every day to take away excess hair.

In order to obtain this look, they check out multiple solutions readily available in the marketplace for permanent hair removal at home.

Let’s have a peek at 4 techniques for long-lasting or permanent hair removal at home:

1) Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a method that is considered well examined through the years. It was originally used for getting rid of wayward hairs over a hundred years ago when it was used in getting rid of ingrown eyelash hairs. There is a risk of skin damage and contamination if this procedure is not administered by a professional person.

If you decide to pick this route, practice on a little part of the skin initially. This method in essence utilizes electric currents to basically destroy the hair follicles. This method is recognized by the Food and Drug Administration and the procedure is usually executed by a very proficient expert who enters a needle directly into every single hair follicle and delivers the current there.

There exists a system on the marketplace named Verseo ePen Hair Removal System that boasts to employ electrolysis to permanently get rid of excess hair without having pain or needles. The significant number of unhappy buyers paints a different picture though.

2) Oral Medication

A procedure that works to a lesser degree is the usage of oral pharmaceutical drug medications. This obviously necessitates continuous usage to obtain long-lasting or permanent hair removal at home.

Drugs do not produce permanent hair removal at home, but they do create long lasting hair reduction by hindering the regrowth of new hair. The majority of these drugs operate by bringing down the amount of testosterone or androgen hormones that trigger hair development

All the drugs for suppressing new hair re-growth at this time demand a prescription. There is on top of that a serious question mark regarding the side-effects of this category of medications.

3) Topical Cream

An externally applied skin cream for long-lasting hair removal is Vaniqa. Vaniqa slows new hair regrowth and typically ought to be used in combination with additional hair control methods including shaving or plucking.

This product is only accessible by way of a prescription medication. Vaniqa works by inhibiting an enzyme that is needed for cell replication and various other cell functions essential for triggering hair development.

This cream ought to be used two times a day, and has a few constraints. It is actually only for women and only useful for facial hair. If the use of Vaniga is discontinued, hair will restart growing at its regular speed.

4) Thermicon

This system takes advantage of a trademarked technology termed Thermicon and it has been demonstrated to be a long term solution to ugly hair removal. It has been used and improved for more than four years for a long-lasting or permanent hair removal at home.

The Thermicon technology functions wonderfully on almost any area of the entire body. If unwanted body hair is an issue for you a device branded NO! NO! Hair Removal System employs this new technological innovation to take away excess hair from all areas of the body.

This system comprises of a power converter as well as a compact case that contains the control electronics, contact rollers, as well as a replaceable thermal filament. The Thermicon technological innovation is exclusive to NO NO. And NO NO is normally thought of as bringing laser therapy high quality end results but at a a lot more affordable price tag for a long-term permanent hair removal at home.


Looking for a quick, convenient and pain-free long-term or permanent hair removal solution for home use? Make sure you visit my NO NO Painless Hair Removal System review at and learn more about this as-seen-on-tv well-known system and a few other hair removal solutions.


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