Get Your Best Eyelashes With Idol Lash

I learned about Idol Lash just a few months ago, and I have to admit I was excited. It wasn’t until earlier this year that I learned there were products that could actually help you grow your eyelashes and eyebrows, leading to longer, thicker, and even darker brows and lashes, which is great for someone who’s been dyeing her eyebrows and eyelashes for years, and using mascara daily. The thing is, I always wanted to look great and feel confident without resorting ot makeup!

A few months ago I heard about some pharmaceutical products that were shown to enhance eyelash growth. Although this product was shown to increase eyelash length, it had actually been designed for some other condition. This product wasn’t available locally without a prescription, so I eagerly ordered some from overseas. However, I admit I was a little wary about putting it on my eyelashes, as there was some evidence that it could cause darkening of the skin and the eyes.

Why I Decided to Test Idol Lash

I was really interested in Idol Lash, because I wasn’t comfortable using this prescription only product from overseas. Idol Lash seemed to be a saver alternative, with no scary and mysterious chemical ingredients. I also loved the look of the Idol Lash applicator, which seemed much safer to use near a delicate organ like the eyes!

The free trial of Idol Lash was also a huge draw, because I was protected if it didn’t work at all for me! While I know some people are wary of free trials, I know that in the real “offline” world if you buy something from a store and it doesn’t work they won’t refund your money, so you’ve got less to lose in using a free trial!

My Lashes and Brows Before and After Idol Lash

I have always had fairly pale, sparse and fine lashes and eyebrows. My eyebrows actually annoyed me the most, because even when I dyed them, they still looked really sparse and insignificant. As a result, I always used eyebrow pencil when I went out. While my lashes were pale, and not particularly long, they looked reasonable with dyeing and mascara.

But what I really wanted were lashes and brows that looked great with or without dyeing or makeup! I started using Idol Lash a couple of months ago, and promised myself I’d keep using it whether I saw immediate results or not. I knew not to expect miracles! It was difficult not to study my brows and lashes regularly in the search for improvements!

However, after a couple of weeks my brows and lashes really did seem to look better. My lashes appeared to be longer and lusher, and my eyebrows looked a bit thicker! I was really excited, so it was easy to follow through with my commitment. Now, about two months later, I feel much more confident about my lashes and brows! I now feel confident going out in public without makeup, although I still dye my lashes and brows, because they are fair, although darker than they used to be!

To find out more about growing your eyelashes visit Idol Lash and get great eyelashes for yourself!


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