Celebrity Makeup Looks At Affordable Prices

Now days we are completely surrounded by public figures looking absolutely flawless whether it is on tv or in a glossy magazine and it is a fact we want to look just as great. It is rare, but it does happen, to photograph a celebrity when they are not wearing full makeup however most of us are very quick to judge when a photo does turn up in the media. It is a cold hard fact that we are in a world where lots of people are conscious about what make up to wear, what clothes they buy and how to wear their hair. In most cases we do not have the priviliges of a personal trainer or a professional stylist to assist us or the income for us to sustain such a lifestyle but celebrities do have day to day life pressures just like us. They are not invincible after all.

This has all been created via advertising and public figure endorsements but it does show us that everyone can create a terrific celebrity look but without the expensive price tag which goes with it. There are many celebrities that endorse products across many different sectors such as make up products like eye makeup and lip gloss, food, drink, clothing lines, perfumes, hair products and lots more. Nearly most adverts we view on tv have a top celebrity endorsing a product but if we didnt have this would advertiisng be a bit boring?

Elizabeth Taylor in 1992 was the very first celeb to begin her own fragrance line with her perfume, White Diamonds and Audrey Hepburn was one of the first high society figures to endorse perfume back in 1957. There are many celebrities who have developed their own make up and fragrance lines and celebrity’s have been endorsing beauty and make up products for a very long time although it may seem it has been a recent trend.

This will certainly continue to be the case as more new products are launched into the market and newer fresher celebrities emerge ready to take the reins. You say….are you influenced by celebrity advertisements when you when making purchases?


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