Buying Black Makeup : The Basics Explained

With online shopping making it easier to find products that were once hard to find, it is now no problem for black women to purchase makeup products that suit their skin color. Specialist online shops are now catering for women with black and brown skin, and the range of cosmetics available are much better and more readily accessed.

Foundation – Good types of foundation for black skin, which may tend towards being oily, are the cream varieties. The best way to find a color to match your particular skin tone is to pick out three different colors of foundation. One should be almost a perfect match for your own skin, another should be slightly lighter than your natural skin tone and the third one should be a slightly darker shade. If you test out each of these along your jaw line the one that blends in with your skin tone the best on this part of your face is the one for you. Many women find that it is the shade slightly lighter than their natural skin tone that looks the best.

Eye Shadow and Eyeliner – Dramatic colors work well on black skin so for evening looks you can really glam it up and go for all those wonderful bright shades of turquoise, silver or emerald green. The idea is to bring out the color of your eyes with your makeup so it’s also important to experiment and see which colors work best for you. For day to day wear and at work subtler colors look better and the warm shades of gold, bronze and olive green work well on black skin.

Mascara – You can stick to the safe colors of brown and black for everyday wear or for work but again brighter colors can work really well on black skin and are great for your evening out or party look. Blue and green mascaras look particularly good.

Blusher – You want to avoid looking like a clown so the first rule of thumb when it comes to blusher is to buy a good quality blusher brush that has large bristles. Start out gently and build up the color gradually to avoid looking too flushed. For everyday wear black skin suits blushers in shades of bronze, gold and warm peach however if you are wanting to vamp it up a little in the evenings black skin can take the stronger ruby red and wine shades.

Lipstick – For daywear clear gloss, nude tones and bronze are all good choices of lip color for black skin. For the evening you really have the choice of all the most dramatic shades such as plum, bright red and even purple if you are feeling daring enough!

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