Benefits Of Laser Surgery

Among the various treatments to fade age spots and pigmentation is laser surgery. For some doctors, apparently, this type of treatment is considered to be the best for age spots removal. The process is carried out by aiming the laser beam to the location of the pigmentation – which then produces energy and heat, in a chronological manner. Heat then targets and destroys the skin pigmentation. However, like many other therapies, laser surgery possesses both advantages and downsides. Therefore, you should always weigh up your options first.

One of its benefits is its effectiveness – making skin experts regard it as the best treatment method for age spot removal. Actually, skin specialists maintain that laser surgery is better than the use of cryogens or chemical peels. The best part of it: laser surgery eliminates the skin lesions almost permanently – an attribute not found in other treatment choices. As a result of this procedure, your old age spots are already a part of history but new age spots may still form. However, comparing this to the other treatment types, most find laser more effective and find its results more pleasing.

The next benefit of laser surgery is the length and frequency of its procedure. The pain produced by this treatment is actually very minimal. You can still continue as if you have not undergone a serious treatment. Edema may appear but its appearance does not exceed a week. You may also notice skin discoloration but this does not last beyond weeks.

Let us now see the drawbacks of laser surgery. Do the words “surgery” and especially “laser” ring a bell? Today, the minimum charge for treating age spots is one hundred dollars per treatment. One thousand to two thousand dollars – now, that is what you pay if you want your whole body to be treated. However, these given prices are not definite for the actual costs vary taking into consideration the size of the area affected, the doctor’s fee, the cost for the materials and the cost of living in your residence. The cost is the primary reason why many people prefer to use alternative treatment methods. But despite being expensive, most still choose to have laser surgery because they believe it will be effective.

What are the factors you have to consider before deciding to selet laser surgery over the other types of age spot treatments? First on the list: Count your money! Then, ask yourself if you are ready for some minor but rare unintended effects such as skin color changes, swelling and very minimal amount of pain. Do it now if you have money, you are not afraid of the side effects and you obviously detest these age spots. If advantages win over drawbacks, then there is no problem.


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